Enabling brand owners to globally manage and control IP infringement.

Action Manager is a single repository for all IP related actions such as counterfeiting, trademarks, domain issues, training etc.

Real time data is securely held in a cloud based platform which is accessible to authorised users worldwide, enabling comprehensive case and action management together with reporting.

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Key Features

See everything at a glance

The dashboard lets you see what is going on in chronological order and allows instant filtering of data.

Powerful Search & Filtering

Data selections can be honed to specific requirements with sophisticated filtering and search facilities.

Fully Customisable Reporting

Reports can be created from Filters to give detailed outputs which can all be exported.

See everything at a glance

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Cost Management

You benefit from your inputs by extracting meaningful outputs. Full, filter based reporting and export to Excel is standard.


Never miss an important action. All important matters can be set to remind you of the next action.


Users in multiple locations can work together on cases.


Puts you in control

Action Manager gives complete control to the user of all IP related issues with the ability to provide detailed management reports and day to day action handling.

Makes data powerful

With the ability to cross link actions and cases and complete evidence exports your data has the power to home in on prolific offenders.

Saves time

If you are battling with spreadsheets or in house databases, the time saved using a purpose built application is huge. For example, you can email attachments to Action Manager and grab offending web pages.

Makes Savings

With our built in budgeting facility, you can manage an overall budget or individual product budgets. Action Manager will let you know when limits are reached and produce relevant reports.

No more boundaries

Because Action Manager is so collaborative, staff can work from home, on the move and in different countries. By invitation, you can also invite your third parties to use specific areas of the application.

No capital outlay

Action Manager is available on a low monthly subscription which includes all future developments. Users are actively encouraged to suggest and participate in new features.

About Us

Lanaca was formed by combining the skills of lawyers software developers and successful business people who collectively formulated a package that filled a void in the current market.

A new case and action management package was born with the input from significant brand owners who have continued to work with us, developing an even more comprehensive product. This has evolved to become Action Manager.

We actively invite interested parties and customers to suggest features that they would like to see in our future versions. If you would like to contribute, click here.


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